Road no:2, Gulshan-1 Dhaka



Road no:2, Gulshan-1 Dhaka

E-Visa and Work Permit in Bangladesh

With the economic development in Bangladesh many foreigners are now working in Bangladesh in different sectors such as RMG, Tele-communication, Energy and Infrastructure etc. unfortunately many foreigners are working in Bangladesh without proper visa and work Permit. For which the individual and the company employing the individual can face penalty and prosecution.

When a foreigner wants to work in Bangladesh his employer needs to apply for a e-visa recommendation letter to Bangladesh Investment Authority (BIDA). Documents require for this application are the corporate documents of the employer company, tax certificate, list of employees in the company, encasement certificate, reasons for employing foreigner, etc. documents required on the side of employee are his passport, photograph, education, certificate, previous experience, a brief CV and travel history.

Once the E-visa recommendation letter is issued by BIDA then the employee shall apply for E-visa to the nearest Bangladesh embassy or High Commission. Once the E-visa is issued the employee can come to Bangladesh and work legally. Once the employee is in Bangladesh he shall s/he shall obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN) and apply for work permit to BIDA.

Once the work permit is issued from BIDA the employee can open bank account in Bangladesh. After the issuance of work permit a security clearance from ministry of home affairs is required for extension of visa. The security clearance is provided upon satisfactory report from special branch of police and national security of intelligence (NSI). A security clearance remains valid for three years. We S Hossain and Associates Law firm in Bangladesh have been providing this service for long time.


Barrister Md. Sanwar Hossain
Supreme Court of Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh
S Hossain and Associates

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