S Hossain Associates Law Office is a Bangladeshi law firm with several years of experience under its belt. We are a full service law firm. Having regard to the multi dimension of most corporate, Donor agency, International organizations requiring being compliant with local laws, banking and commercial deals, we offer a composite range of services to our clients from under one roof. Our motto is to serve promptly without compromising the quality of legal services that we provide.

Here, at S Hossain & Associates we have a diverse group of lawyers in Bangladesh who are brought together by their passion for the law. They work day in and day out to ensure that our clients get the best service possible. We are a team of Barristers and Advocates in Bangladesh who are not only qualified to practice but experts on their merits. We have senior lawyers who have extensive experience of working for big names like Agrani Bank, EXIM Bank, ICB Islamic bank, The Farmers Bank, International Jute Study group, UNIQLO, Grameen, William E Connor etc.

Our team is a mix of both litigation experts and talented researchers. Responsibilities of each lawyer are well demarcated and adequate powers are delegated in order to enable them to work independently in respective fields. We work in a world class environment with state of the art IT & library facilities.