Implication of section 12 of Nikahnama in muslim marrriage registration in Bangladesh

The Nikahnama or Kabin nama under the Muslim Family law Ordinance 1961 and the Rules have several columns. Out of this section 12 of the Nikahnama is a column which can be used in different situations. The column reads “Date on which marriage was contracted”. Again in section 24 there is a column which reads as date of registration of the marriage. In many circumstances only Islamic marriage or nikah might be completed but no registration is done. This section 12 comes particularly handy in such situation. Even if there are child born to the wedlock the child and marriage can be regularized by providing the Islamic marriage date in section 12 and date of registration in section 24. Many Bangladeshis both male and female are now living abroad. Bangladeshi workers in Middle East and Malaysia face great trouble in registering marriage there. In some countries it’s not possible but people will fall in love and get married. These marriages can be regularized by this section 12. Even for childs born without marriage registration can be legalized and regularized in Bangladesh through this section provided that both the partners agree to come to Bangladesh and sign.


Barrister Md. Sanwar Hossain
Supreme Court of Bangladesh
[email protected]
Dhaka, Bangladesh
S Hossain and Associates