Trademark infringement proceedings in Bangladesh

TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT PROCEEDINGS IN BANGLADESH Bangladesh is a rising economy in the world and trade and business is booming. Many foreign brands are marketing their products in Bangladesh. However it is a matter of regret that a huge quantity of counterfeit products are being sold and manufactured in Bangladesh for quite some time now. As […]

Setting up business in Bangladesh, liaison office and representative office

SETTING UP BUSINESS IN BANGLADESH, LIAISON OFFICE AND REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE In Bangladesh many foreign business do not wish to open subsidiary company. These companies can open Liaison office or branch office. Liaison office and branch office permission is provided by Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA). The application is to be made online and required documents […]

Implication of section 12 Nikahnama of muslim marriage registration in Bangladesh

Implication of section 12 of Nikahnama in muslim marrriage registration in Bangladesh The Nikahnama or Kabin nama under the Muslim Family law Ordinance 1961 and the Rules have several columns. Out of this section 12 of the Nikahnama is a column which can be used in different situations. The column reads “Date on which marriage […]

Process and prospect of Schenghen Visa appeal from Bangladesh

Process and prospect of Schenghen Visa appeal from Bangladesh Schengen Countries EU Schengen countries include: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Non-EU Schengen countries include: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland What is Schengen Visa? Issued for purposes such as […]

E-Visa and work permit in Bangladesh

E-Visa and Work Permit in Bangladesh With the economic development in Bangladesh many foreigners are now working in Bangladesh in different sectors such as RMG, Tele-communication, Energy and Infrastructure etc. unfortunately many foreigners are working in Bangladesh without proper visa and work Permit. For which the individual and the company employing the individual can face […]

Problem of opening bank account by foreign investors in Bangladesh

Problem of opening Bank account by Foreign Investors in Bangladesh Foreign Investment is a top priority in Bangladesh. The Hon’ble Prime Minister and Finance Minister have emphasized on it’s importance on repeated occasion. The foreign investors in Bangladesh before registering a private limited company requires to open a blocked bank account in the name of […]

Termination and dismissal : A comparative discussion

TERMINATION AND DISMISSAL : A COMPARATIVE DISCUSSION Termination of employment  : There are different types of termination of employment relationship. Not at the initiative of the employer, the employment relationship can be terminated, in particular, by the expiry of a fixed-term contract, the worker’s resignation, or by the completion of the task for which the […]

Business setup in Bangladesh

Business Setup in Bangladesh The processes of registration of business in BD by foreign nations or companies involve the Following steps:  Name Clearance Expression of Interest with board of investment (is case of industrial entity) Registration of Company with RJSC Trade License E-Tax Identification Number (e-TIN) Import Registration Certificate (if the company wishes to Import) […]

Legal issues on energy security and cooperation between China and South Asian Countries

Legal issues on energy security and cooperation between China and South Asian Countries From perspective of Bangladesh presented by Sanwar HOSSAIN, Barrister at law, Advocate , Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Managing Partner, S HOSSAIN & ASSOCIATES Introduction on legal system of Bangladesh The laws of Bangladesh are based on English common law style and […]